What is “Independent Eyewear”?

What is “Independent Eyewear”?

For many, glasses are the ultimate staple accessory. Glasses have to be worn throughout most, if not all, throughout the day. As a result, finding the perfect pair of glasses is an important decision in terms of comfort and representing your personal style. Currently, in the eyewear industry, there are two main categories regarding eyewear businesses: Independent & Non-Independent Eyewear Businesses. Non-Independent Eyewear Businesses cater to large populations through mass production of eyewear.

On the other hand, Independent Eyewear businesses focus on targeting the proportion of the population with the goal of wearing unique and high-quality frames that are constantly updated to match the current trends.

Freedom to Design

Even though independent eyewear does not consist of some of the top designer brands on the market, independent eyewear are still designer frames popular amongst the celebrities and the general population alike. Because independent eyewear addresses a more limited audience, independent brands can more easily directly address the current fashion trends.  

Incomparable Quality at Affordable Prices

Unlike mass-production eyewear, independent eyewear is intended to meet a smaller percent of the population with outstanding and long lasting quality. Monetarily-wise, both independent frames and non-independent frames are around the same price point.

Frames with a Purpose

An unique feature about independent eyewear is that often independent eyewear businesses each come with an unique background. For example, some brands strive to promote humanitarian causes while other brands strive to promote their eco-friendly cause through the special production of the materials used in their frames. Independent eyewear companies each come with a personalized story that is carried throughout their products.

Supporting Independent Eyewear

Independent eyewear has many benefits and we, at Bellevue Eye Specialists, support and celebrate independent eyewear. We believe that our patients can benefit the most with independent frames. At our clinical and optical, we currently sell 15 differing independent eyewear brands with the intention of giving our customers many differing options to find their perfect pair of frames