Importance of Having Eye Exams Every 1-2 Years

Importance of Having Eye Exams Every 1-2 Years

Our eyes are often something we take for granted. We don’t normally notice their importance until we experience problems in our vision. Our eyes are not only important for maintaining a healthy vision, but are also a key indicator of our overall health, too. Due to its ability to monitor multiple health systems, having eye exams every 1-2 years is vital for the average adult.

Benefiting our Overall Health

Our eyes are connected to many other important bodily functions such as cardiovascular health. Your eyes are connected to hundreds of blood vessels and veins that are a direct indicator of cardiovascular health. An eye exam can not only help monitor cardiovascular system health, but also, endocrine system health, cranial nerve health, and much more.

Constantly Changing Eyes

As we age, our eyes grow increasingly susceptible to changes even if our eyes are kept properly maintained in a healthy state. Certain eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, and cataracts become much more common as we age even we did not have trouble seeing in the past. Starting at around age 40, many adults begin to have a harder time seeing and reading things at a close distance (computers, phones, books, etc.). Many adults require a pair of reading glasses or bifocals by the time they are in their age 30’s-40’s. It’s important to get the right prescription for reading glasses as a wrong prescription can make your vision worse and cause undesirable symptoms such as eye strain or increased blurriness.

Maintaining the Right Prescription

Even though our prescription might not change drastically over a year or two, it is important to update prescription glasses. By updating our prescription every year or two, we lower eye strain. Eye strain can cause our vision to get worse and can put our eyes at a higher risk for eye health problems. With an outdated prescription glasses, eye strain can cause your vision to get worse. 

Many Benefits with an Eye Exam

Overall, an eye exam comes with many benefits including a complimentary check-in to your overall health. Our eyes are irreplaceable and here at Bellevue Eye Specialists, we believe your eyes and vision deserve the utmost care. We want to find the best frames for you that not only help you with vision but best encompasses your style, too.


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