Importance of Having Eye Exams Every 1-2 Years

Our eyes are often something we take for granted. We don’t normally notice their importance until we experience problems in our vision. Our eyes are not only important for maintaining a healthy vision, but are also a key indicator of our overall health, too. Due to its ability to monitor multiple health systems, having eye exams every 1-2 years is vital for the average adult.

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What is “Independent Eyewear”?

For many, glasses are the ultimate staple accessory. Glasses have to be worn throughout most, if not all, throughout the day. As a result, finding the perfect pair of glasses is an important decision in terms of comfort and representing your personal style. Currently, in the eyewear industry, there are two main categories regarding eyewear businesses: Independent & Non-Independent Eyewear Businesses. 
Non-Independent Eyewear Businesses cater to large populations through mass production of eyewear.

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