Fall 2022 Newsletter

Our Fall 2022 Newsletter is here to provide you updates on the upcoming Bellevue Wine Walk, current selection, and much more!

Conjunctivitis / “Pink” Eye

Conjunctivitis or better known as “pink eye” is a common condition that many individuals encounter in their lifetime at some point.

Proper Contact Lens Techniques

– Properly Cleaning Contact Lens
– Importance on Not Extending Contact Lens Lifetime
– Healthy Contact Lens Practices

Our Story

Our Story Dear Bellevue Eye Specialists Customer, We have been in the eyewear business for a long time. For years, we saw the same logo mass-produced machine-made eyewear sold at almost every optical shop we could find. We knew our customers wanted to stand out more than that without sacrificing quality. That is why we …

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Dry Eye Treatment & Care During the Pandemic

Dry Eye problems have increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. As we increase in screen time (computers, tablets, phones), we are increasing our chances of having Dry Eye. Read our article on how to tackle dry eye…..

October – November 2020 Newsletter

Happy Fall Season to our beloved Bellevue Eye Specialists family! We at Bellevue Eye Specialists are thankful for the holiday season to arrive.

July 2020 Newsletter

With plenty of sunshine-filled days ahead of us, we hope that you and your loved ones are having a wonderful summer so far. At Bellevue Eye Specialists, we are happy to have reopened back to the public. We have been working hard to ensure that our clinic and optical are compliant with current CDC health regulations and recommendations.

importance of independent eyewear

Importance of Having Eye Exams Every 1-2 Years

Our eyes are often something we take for granted. We don’t normally notice their importance until we experience problems in our vision. Our eyes are not only important for maintaining a healthy vision, but are also a key indicator of our overall health, too. Due to its ability to monitor multiple health systems, having eye exams every 1-2 years is vital for the average adult.

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Understanding Your Eye Prescription

Understanding your eye prescription can be challenging. Here, at Bellevue Eye Specialists, we want to clarify any inquiries you have, to make your glasses/contacts lens experience the best it can possibly be.

Proper Eye Care During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We, at Bellevue Eye Specialists, know that we are facing some tough times currently. We hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy and well. Here are some tips on proper eye care during this time.