Best Reasons to Switch to Progressive Lenses for Eyeglass Wearers in Kirkland

For vision care patients who are having difficulty seeing far away and close up, progressive lenses may be an ideal solution. These specialty lenses include an upper part that allows for corrected distance vision and a lower part that allows for corrected close-up vision in a single pair of glasses. If you’re wondering whether to make the switch, here are three reasons to try progressives. 

Enjoy the Convenience of Not Having To Switch Eyeglasses

Removing or changing your eyeglasses every time you want to see better up-close or far away can be a hassle. Plus, there’s the inconvenience of having to carry multiple pairs of glasses and worrying about losing them. Progressive glasses combine the benefits of two pairs of glasses into one.

Avoid the Tell-Tale Line on Your Lenses

The technology that allows you to get progressive lenses eliminates the visible line that you notice on bifocals. Many people are concerned that this line draws attention to the nature and extent of their vision problems, and they prefer the look of uninterrupted lenses. 

Greater Cost Savings

Glasses-wearers know that buying multiple pairs can get pricey. When you choose progressives, you need only a single pair of glasses. It’s easier to budget your healthcare costs and commit to annual eye exams and new lenses, if necessary, when you’re not buying two frames every year. 

Are You Interested in Progressive Lenses Near Kirkland?

Bellevue Eye Specialists has a great reputation for providing a wide variety of eye-related services, including full-service eye exams for single vision and progressive lenses. As eye care professionals with years of experience, our highly-trained team provides expert eye health advice in our comfortable clinic, and we’re all about the highest standards of customer care every step of the way. Trust us to have the knowledge, skills and diagnostic tools to address all your visual needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or shop our distinctive frame collection.

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Posted on November 20, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business