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Giving Back to the Community
Through the Following Means....

Donating Frames To Those In Need

Many of our eyewear brands give a pair of frames to those in need with every purchase you make of one of the eyewear. 141 Eyewear regularly donates frames to children in our local community. Etnia Barcelona Foundation gives eye exams and donates glasses to children around the world who are at risk of social exclusion.

Creating Eye Clinics & Program

Many of our eyewear brands give back to our community through the creation of eye clinics and programs to give those in need eyecare. Moscot’s Mobile Eyes Program has been giving back through free eye exams and eyewear for the past 25 years. MODO’s Buy a Frame-Help A Child See Program has been donating frames to children in need around the world. Etnia Barcelona also set up a network of women-run optical shops in developing countries offering prescription glasses at below market prices.

Supporting Sustainable & Environmental Causes

Many of our brands make their products with the smallest amount of materials possible without sacrificing the product’s quality. Andy Wolf handcrafts their acetate frames from cotton grown in their very own sustainable farm. Arbor uses renewable cellulose acetate to make their wooden frames. Etnia Barcelona & XIT both use Mazzucchelli Acetate in their frames to minimize the use of plastics in eyewear.

Andy Wolf Eyewear

Giving to Those With Low Vision

We prioritize giving back to the low vision community which is why we sell Taylor Madison Eyewear. In 2014, Taylor Madison Eyewear started donating a portion of their funds to the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. This group supports low vision patients especially those whom our US troops and veterans. 

Supporting Creative Minds &
Local Artists

Many of our eyewear brands feature unique designs made by artists. Etnia Barcelona features a one-of-a-kind collection of colorful eyewear  inspired from artists. XIT displays its award-winning French frames with its popular uniquely patterned and shaped frames. Bellevue Eye Specialists dedicates a gallery for local artists to display their artwork portfolio at no cost.

Donating Money to Charities

Most of our eye brands prioritize giving back to the community through donations to local charities. Bellevue Eye Specialists strives to donate a portion of their sales to local charities and organizations in the Greater Seattle Area regularly.

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