Great Reasons to Keep Up with Eye Doctor Visits Near Redmond

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If your vision hasn’t changed for a few years, it may seem like skipping vision care appointments for a year or two is no big deal. But it can have serious consequences for your eyes and your overall health, too. Check out these reasons to keep up with your eye doctor visits for healthy eyes.

Ensure Your Safety

Without reliable vision, you’re at greater risk of harm whether you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle or taking medicine according to your physician’s prescription. By getting your eyes checked regularly, even small vision changes can be corrected appropriately with glasses or contact lenses.

Protect Your Long-Term Vision

Before serious eye diseases like glaucoma or cataracts reach a point that they threaten your vision, they start with what commonly appear as minor symptoms. The sooner your vision care provider can spot them and take action, the greater your chances of preserving your vision.

Keep Your Look Fresh

Getting an eye exam annually is an effective way to remind yourself to update your look with new frames. As we age, it’s typical to worry about appearing old or out-of-touch with contemporary trends. Finding the right vision care and eyewear provider can give you convenience and peace of mind.

Seeking a Trusted Eye Doctor Serving Redmond Patients?

Bellevue Eye Specialists has a great reputation for providing a wide variety of eye-related services, including full-service eye exams and stylish eyeglasses from independent makers. As industry leaders with years of experience, our highly-trained specialists provide expert eye health advice in our comfortable clinic, and we’re all about the highest standards of customer care. Trust us to have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all your visual needs, including making the switch to progressive lenses. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a friendly eye doctor or shop our extensive frame collection from the industry’s leading designers of new glasses.

Take Care of Your Eyes in Redmond with the Help of an Eye Doctor You Can Count On

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