Top Shopping Tips for Buying Sports Sunglasses Around Downtown Seattle

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Sports sunglasses offer so many benefits to casual and serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts, not only for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays but also for better performance and comfort while living an active lifestyle. Here’s what to look for in your next pair of specialty sunglasses, especially if you’re new to wearing glasses. 

Lens Material, Color & Tint

Opt for lenses made from materials that are impact-resistant, lightweight and offer excellent optical clarity. Choose a lens color that suits your specific sport and vision needs. Gray lenses support true color perception, while yellow or amber lenses boost contrast and depth perception, making them ideal for activities like cycling or skiing.


Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water or snow. Many athletes appreciate polarization technology for improving the crispness of their vision. This feature is particularly beneficial for water sports, skiing, or driving.

Frame Design & Features

Select a frame that fits securely on your face, especially during movement. Wraparound frames provide additional coverage, preventing peripheral light from entering and reducing glare. Consider lightweight and durable materials for comfort all day long. Look for sunglasses with adjustable features like nose pads and arms for a customized, secure fit.

Ready to Find the Perfect Sports Sunglasses in the Downtown Seattle Area?

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