What is Independent Eyewear?

Importance of Independent Eyewear

Independent Eyewear targets a specific portion of the population. Their goal is to provide unique and quality frames that are constantly updated to match the current trends. Today, we explain the importance of independent eyewear.

Keeping Up with the Trends

Independent Eyewear keeps up with the current trends, but also starts new trends.  Often, independent eyewear make a smaller quantity to ensure quality. Besides a focus on quality, independent eyewear brands focus on wider diverse collection with unique frames. Independent eyewear is commonly worn by the celebrities such as movie stars, singers, sports athletes and even the English Royal family! 

Eyewear with a Purpose

The artists design independent eyewear frames often by small local businesses or local artists in the town where the frames are handmade. Most independent eyewear companies give back to their local community through a variety of methods. Many companies give back to their local community by donating free comprehensive eye exams and a free pair of glasses (complete with frames and lenses) for those in need. Some independent eyewear companies give back to their local community by giving back a portion of their eyewear sales profit to charity. Other independent eyewear companies give one pair to a child in need for every frame sold through a licensed retailer, like Bellevue Eye Specialists.

Bellevue Eye Specialists is proud to sell and carry these independent eyewear frames. Find out more about some of the eyewear frames’ purposes we carry, by clicking here to view.

Hand-Made Quality

Most eyewear sold are made with machines to mass-produce many frames. 

Independent eyewear makes quality frames one-by-one. This ensures that each pair of frames has the stability, durability, and quality to best represent their individual brand. 

Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality 

Even though independent eyewear is of higher quality and standard, independent eyewear does not force customers to have to choose between quality and affordability. There are many affordable independent eyewear lines each specializing in their own sense of style.

Additionally, most, if not all independent eyewear has multiple sizes to accommodate for a variety of people. 

Choose Your Independent Eyewear and Support a Cause Today

Here, at Bellevue Eye Specialists, we take a variety of eye insurances. As a friendly reminder, eye and medical insurance are two separate insurances.

Most medical insurances do not cover the cost of glasses or contact lenses. 

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