Blue-Light Blockers

Blue-Light Blockers

Blue light is all around us. Computers, televisions, and many other portable devices emit blue light. Blue light has been suspected to be related with eye strain, tiredness, and dry eyes. Blue light is naturally found outside from the atmosphere. We are now exposed to much more blue light due to technology in this current age. Most eye doctors and opticals recommend patients to use blue light blockers. 

Difference Between Our Blue Light Blockers & Premade Blue Light Blockers

We want to minimize blue light exposure to our patients. Most opticals now offer some form of blue light blocker for their customers. Blue light blocking efficiency differs from one lens to another. Most opticals only offer a blue light blocker coating to their customers. On average, blue light lens coatings only block out about 30%-40% of blue light. Blue light blocker and AR coatings, coatings usually last only for about 2 years.

We offer a blue light lens blocker that is embedded in the lens which can last for for years. Our blue light blocker lens blocks out more than 90% of blue light!

Our Packages

We believe in making our products accessible for our patients. Therefore, our blue light blockers are offered in discounted packages. These lens packages save our customers money without having to give up on quality. We also offer pre-made non-prescription blue light glasses.

We believe that all of our customers deserve the best experience. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or stop by to test out our blue light blocker lens!

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