How to Select the Right Frames when Buying New Glasses near Mercer Island

How to Select the Right Frames when Buying New Glasses near Mercer Island


Are you buying new glasses near Mercer Island? If you’re going to spend money on high-quality eyewear, it’s important to select frames that make you feel confident. Eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes, so it can be a little difficult to know which will suit you best. According to eyewear design experts, there are some designs that work better for certain facial structures than others. Identifying your face shape is key to selecting the right frames.


People with round faces tend to have rounded foreheads and more circular faces. If this applies to you, consider buying glasses with a rectangular frame, as these tend to add structure and elongate your face.


If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re likely to be the envy of the eye care world. Choosing frames shouldn’t be a problem for you, as almost every style will look good.


A heart or diamond facial structure is usually characterized by strong cheekbones, as well as a narrower chin. Ask your eye specialist for frames that mirror this; the best options will have wider tops but thinner bottoms.


For those with more squared faces, it’s best to look for frames that will soften the natural angles. Consider rounder frames to add more balance.

Buying New Glasses near Mercer Island?

Once you’ve completed your full-service eye exam, it’s time to pick out the perfect frames. Don’t let this step cause any unnecessary anxiety. The specialists at Bellevue Eye Specialists are here to offer advice and support throughout the process. Located in Bellevue, we have a wide assortment of designs to choose from. Contact us to schedule an appointment or stop by with your prescription today for immediate assistance.

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