Matching Frames to Personality when Buying New Glasses near Medina

Matching Frames to Personality when Buying New Glasses near Medina

The process of buying new glasses near Medina can be stressful, especially when it comes to picking out the right frames. Once you select a high-quality eyewear sales shop, you’ll be faced with a whole new set of options. Some of the most popular frame shapes include round, oval, heart, diamond and square. But what do these various styles say about you as an individual? Glasses are a constant accessory, so it makes sense that you’ll want to ensure they meet both your personal and professional needs. Keep these trends in mind as you decide which frames will suit you best:

Conservative for Serious Business

Conservative frame colors and shapes are ideal for people interested in enhancing their professional images. If you fall into this category, give preference to oval and rectangular-shaped options. Popular colors include black, gunmetal gray, silver and brown. These simple selections tend to look good with most business attire.

Modern Shapes for Creative Professionals

Professionals who work in more creative settings should feel free to choose from more modern design options when buying new glasses. This includes considering frames with geometric shapes and less traditional colors, like green, purple or blue. Creatives may also want to try vintage and retro styles.

Eye-Catching for Students

Many students opt for designs that are eye-catching. This can include interesting shapes and colors that pop. Overall, the aesthetic tends to be geekier and/or more retro than traditional frames. Color laminations are also relatively popular.

Buying New Glasses near Medina?

Count on Bellevue Eye Specialists when buying new glasses near Medina! Not only do we have an extensive selection of high-quality frames available, but we also offer full-service eye exams performed by an experienced eye specialist on site. From eye care to sales, we’re the number one solution in the area!

Buying New Glasses with Style near Medina

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