3 Benefits of Progressive Lenses for Moss Bay Area Glasses Wearers

If you need help seeing clearly both up close and far away, your eye care professional may suggest progressive lenses. Here are three great benefits to consider.

If you’ve noticed that you need help seeing clearly both up close and far away, your eye care professional may have suggested progressive lenses to you. These innovative lens configurations allow you to see clearly for activities at various distances, like reading, computer work and driving, through a single lens. Not sure if progressives are right for you? Here are three great benefits to consider.

You Only Need One Pair of Glasses

Instead of carrying around reading glasses and glasses for distance vision, you can save yourself the hassle by choosing progressives. Because they’re designed to include multiple prescriptions aligned with where you direct your gaze, you only need a single pair of frames for near and far vision.

They Look Like Regular Single-Vision Lenses

With today’s lens technology, you can get progressive glasses that have no lines in them. No one will know you’re wearing multi-focal lenses unless you tell them.

You Won’t Give Away Your Age

Many people associate eyeglass lenses with lines in them as being exclusively for older folks. Line-free progressive options allow you to wear your favorite glasses styles with confidence, no matter your age. 

Your Source for All the Benefits of Progressive Lenses Near Moss Bay

Bellevue Eye Specialists offers a curated selection of independent eyewear to match your lifestyle and look. Our services include full vision exams provided by eye doctors and assistance from opticians in fitting your eyeglasses for a reliable and comfortable experience every time you put them on. If you’re ready to give progressive lenses a try, contact us for a convenient appointment and the 5-star service our team is known for.

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