Buying New Glasses that are the Right Size near Clyde Hill

Buying new glasses near Clyde Hill is about more than finding frames that look good. One of the most important factors to consider is size. Since you’ll be wearing your glasses often, it’s imperative that they fit your face correctly. Proper positioning can make a huge difference for your eyes. If your current glasses work well, you can usually find the measurements written on the inside arm of the frame. Either take the eyewear with you or write the numbers down for reference while shopping.

Most high-quality eyewear sales shops have a wide assortment of options to choose from. As you look for the best solution for your unique needs and preferences, keep the following measurements in mind.

Eye Size

Unsurprisingly, eye size matters when buying new glasses. With regard to frames, this will impact the horizontal width of the lens. In most cases, you’ll have a two-digit number ranging from 40-62mm for reference.

Bridge Size

The bridge size refers to the distance between the two lenses. It’s basically the length of the “bridge” over your nose. This is usually a two-digit number ranging from 14-24mm.

Temple Size

When buying new glasses, temple size refers to the length of the eyeglass frame arms. There’s much less variance in this number, with 135mm, 140mm, 145mm and 150mm being the most common options.

Get Help Buying New Glasses near Clyde Hill

Bellevue Eye Specialists provides the assistance you need when buying new glasses near Clyde Hill. You’ll have no trouble finding the right size and style while browsing through our extensive selection of high-quality frames. Our specialists are available to answer any of your questions, as well as make recommendations. You can also schedule full-service eye exams with one of our experienced eye specialists on site. We look forward to assisting with all your eye care needs!

Buying New Glasses near Clyde Hill

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