3 Reasons to Choose Rudy Project Sunglasses for Sports in Bellevue

Sunglasses for SportsSports are a lifeline to many, whether for recreational or competitive play. And while many athletes are quick to identify the gear they need to shield against sprains, strains and broken bones, high-quality eye protection is just as important. See why getting a pair of good-looking Italian-made Rudy Project sunglasses for sports activities can not only up your game but protect your eyesight. 

Comfortable, Reliable Fit

Get a great-fitting and stylish pair of eyewear that’s secure and stable even when you’re in motion with the advanced designs and materials in every pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. Even during strenuous activity, you can count on the lightweight and durable graphene construction of the ventilated frames to look great while still offering stability and comfort.

Complete eye protection

Rudy Project sunglasses for sports include lenses made with the latest technology to ensure you get the best of both worlds–great vision plus a high level of protection. They’re designed to withstand impact as well as keep out damaging UV rays from the sun. 


Better vision

Be confident in your moves by ensuring you have a clear field of vision and reliable depth perception with POLAR 3FX polarized lenses utilizing HDR filters. Rudy Project’s lightweight ImpactX lenses are unbreakable, too, so they’re great for even the most active lifestyles. 

Interested in Rudy Project Sunglasses for Sports in Bellevue?

If you’re ready to invest in a great pair of athletic sunglasses designed to maximize safety and performance while elevating your appearance, you can explore a wide range of Rudy Project eyewear at Bellevue Eye Specialists. As an independent eyewear provider, we’re staffed by a caring and professional team of optometrists, opticians and eye care professionals with decades of experience. From a thorough eye exam to a wide range of eyewear options to suit every need, from the everyday to the exceptional—including Rudy Project sunglasses for sportscontact us for an appointment today.

Get Attractive Athletic Eyewear with Rudy Project Sunglasses for Sports in Bellevue

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